Hi Amy,
I feel your photos are amazing. I love the cute Lemurs and beauty of Madagascar. Thank you for making a difference with your art.
Jennifer Gehlhar(non-registered)
Hi Amy, just browsed the Jordan pics. Keep up the great work!
Sarab Kajander(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning work Amy.
Tom Siqveland(non-registered)
Enjoyed an examining tour of your work tonight. You're fantastic...but, more importantly, your spot on...Please keep pursuing ...relentlessly!!


Uncle Tom
Paul Winger(non-registered)
Oh my Amy,
This is an outstanding site - so much more revelatory than the work on Capture Minnesota. Wonderful imagery from all over the world. You have a real talent for capturing the sights (food, architecture, & street scenes) and people in your travels. The Fez article is a great read as well. It appears your talents are only surpassed by your compassion and commitment to improving the human condition. Keep up the great work as the world needs more talented and caring souls like yours.
Michele Wubbenhorst(non-registered)
Wow, Amy!!....Amazing! Can't wait to see more from you.
Amazing pictures although I know little about photography. Love it all, and I miss you Amy!
Mike Sasse(non-registered)
Beautiful work! Nice website.
Andrew Lonergan(non-registered)
I have seen many pictures dating back to my Grandfather's days as a professional photographer in Los Angeles, but your work dazzles the eye. Colors...Lines...Angles....Vision. I think I have some referrals for you. Cheers...
Howard Rodkin(non-registered)
Wow! It is really impressive!! Great site. Beautiful photographs.
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